5 simple tips to get back on track

Did you make any New Year Resolutions? Get your paperwork under control? Sort out the loft? Clear out the kitchen cupboards? Have you kept to them or have you hit the mid January wall?  If you need some help to get back on track then read on.

In the course of my work as a Professional Organiser I help people to make lasting changes and personally I no longer make resolutions.  Many of us will not keep to them and when we “fail” we are often highly critical of ourselves – this does not encourage us to make changes and we remain “stuck” in the same loop.  I encourage clients to make small changes in specific areas that will in turn impact on other areas of their lives.I have put together 5 tips to help and having an organised home will certainly impact on other areas of your life too.

  • Start small – tackle the junk drawer in the kitchen or that pile of magazines in the living room.  Letting go of stuff can sometimes be difficult so start with a small achievable goal – success will encourage you to carry on and work on trickier areas
  • 10 minute timer – use a timer when you feel time pressured.  There are lots of jobs we can do in 10 minutes: tidy the hallway and put coats and shoes away; load the dishwasher/empty the dishwasher.  Encourage other members of the family to help too – children love the challenge.
  • Meal plan – this saves so much time and gets quicker the more regularly you do it.  Plan your evening meals to start with and as you get more confident start planning lunches too.  Do your shopping list or place your order once you have planned.  Saves money and waste – win win.
  • Get on top of the laundry – try to do a bit during the week so that the weekend is not taken up with washing and ironing.  Try to iron 2 or 3 smaller batches over the week rather than having an “ironing mountain” to tackle.
  • Do a quick tidy up before you go to bed – put away the washing up so the kitchen is ready for the morning, straighten up the living room, get your things ready for the morning.  Some people like to have their outfit ready the night before to save time in the morning.

This all sounds pretty obvious and very simple but these tips will really have an impact if you are able to sustain them over a period of time.  You will then see for yourself the time saving benefits of getting your home organised.  Do take a minute or two to explore the website and let me know how these tips help you.  Thanks for reading and please do share.