Do you love September?

September is one of my favourite times of year – getting ready for another season, picking blackberries and sometimes turning over a new leaf.  Many people make resolutions at New Year but I often find that September is my “new year”.  Spotted this in GH this month so it looks like I’m not the only one.

A - Z of Autumn Changes

A – Z of Autumn Changes, GH

I have started my “new year” with two networking meetings and booking some professional development.  The summer has been great, have worked with very different clients and have also enjoyed some time away.  I am now using the techniques I use with my clients to straighten out my paperwork, tidy and declutter and to get back to blogging!  It is a great time to revisit some of our habits and to reflect on what is working and more importantly what isn’t.

Many families will be making the transition to children going to school full time and some will be getting used to their children heading to college.  Both these situations can be good times for reorganising and decluttering.  Getting straight after the summer holidays is a great way of getting into the new school routine.  Is it time to declutter some toys and books?  Are there any in good condition that can go to a charity shop or a to a local nursery group?  Starting school is often a good time to introduce some new routines and help your child develop their independence.  Let them take responsibility for tidying away their toys and putting their shoes and bookbags away.

As you help your older children get ready for college maybe you can take the opportunity to reorganise and declutter their rooms.  Moving into halls will usually mean getting used to a much smaller living space!  It might be useful to think about using the space under the bed to store some items.  Folding clothing is a very efficient way to use drawer space and saves valuable hanging space.

Remember to pack some of those sentimental items but keep them small!  These can be really comforting when you are settling in to a new life at college.

Do you need help getting used to a new phase in your life?  The start of school is so exciting but can be a difficult time too.  The promise of more time doesn’t always help us to get more done.  Small gaps in the day can be used very effectively but it can take time to develop a new and efficient routine.  Getting used to an empty house when older children have gone to college can be tricky too.  Taking this opportunity to declutter and reorganise can be very positive; is it time to reclaim the kitchen, revamp the living room and sort out the loft?

You may well find items that you no longer use or need – charity shops are a great option but selling items can generate welcome cash.  Many people will use ebay to sell their unwanted items but there are other options if you have vintage items for example.  APDO (, the Association of Professional Delutters and Organisers, of which I am a member, has recently started working with Vintage Cash Cow ( and the feedback has been very positive.

I hope that your September has started well – if you need any help do contact me.  I offer a free one hour consultation or you can find a professional declutterer in your area on the APDO website.  Please do comment and share; take a look at the website and let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.