Is this you?

An area or room in your house that is a dumping ground or a “room of doom”

Do you have a room in your house that you avoid or just use to pile up stuff? Is your loft full of boxes that have not been looked in since you put them in there? Do you have an area in your house that is a magnet for stuff?

Decluttering one of these problem areas will have a significant impact. Very often it is just a simple case of putting things back where they belong. Making small changes to your habits can really help to keep your space as tidy as you like it to be. Learning simple and regular routines will shorten the amount of time you spend tidying and free you up to spend time doing what you really want: going for a walk or a run; reading a book or catching up with friends and family.

A pile of “hidden” paperwork that fills you with dread

Do you wish you were up to date with your paperwork but don’t know where to start? Do you worry that the “hidden” paperwork is full of final demands? Do you start to sort it but get interrupted half-way through?

Tackling paperwork on your own is really daunting but it is amazing how much paperwork can be cleared by two people in a session. Putting simple and sustainable systems in place will help you to maintain order and keep time spent on paperwork to a minimum.

A wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear

Do you struggle to choose what to wear and revert to “old favourites”? Do you have clothes that no longer fit you but you hang onto just in case? Do you have outfits or pieces that you bought in a sale or an a whim and have never worn?

A session working on your wardrobe can have a big impact on what you wear and how you store your clothes. You will almost certainly find some items that you are happy to say goodbye too as well as items that you had forgotten about and can’t wait to wear again.

Preparing to sell your house but concerned that it won’t stand out in a highly competitive local market.

Are you worried that you will need to spend a lot of money to restyle? Do you think that your house has to be “perfect” in order to sell? Do you think that you won’t be able to keep your house looking like a show home whilst still living in it?

It is important to make the most of your property when you decide to put it on the market. Ideally your property needs to be ready to sell before any agents come to view and prepare their quotes – first impressions are vital. Working through a simple action plan can alter the look and feel of your property dramatically; this will very often be as simple as good old tidying and sorting.

I’m Kate and I can help you. Clutter and paperwork can be overwhelming but you’re in the right place; I have a real enthusiasm and skill for organising and enjoy helping people which is exctly why I work as a Professional Declutterer and Organiser. I can teach you how to tackle the issues in your home and leave you with the skills to manage and maintain your new space. There are some pointers to links that can help you and if you like you can get onto my mailing list (it’s really easy to unsubscribe at any time)

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