Wardrobe wars

Spring is here and for many of us it signals the yearly wardrobe sort out.  Clients often struggle to tame their over filled wardrobes and find it difficult to make decisions over what to keep and what to let go of.  Some people appear to maintain a stylish capsule wardrobe with ease whilst others spend valuable time each day worrying about what to wear and end up wearing the same few outfits over and over.  So here are a few ideas to help you think about your wardrobe and begin to look at ways to make it work for you.

World Recycling Week was launched by H&M this week – recycle old clothes and get a discount on the new clothes you buy.  The recycling element appeals to me as I find it hard to reconcile our apparent need for limitless style choices and the human and environmental costs of producing them.  Reusing garments and recycling the fabrics and materials used is a step towards sustainability but I wonder if rewarding this with a discount to buy more clothes is missing the point.  I am not a major shopper but even I am now using the “one item in, one item out” rule.

I encourage clients to put all their clothes together before they sort their wardrobe and drawers out.  This is the KonMari approach and allows you to really see how many clothes you have, some people find this quite shocking and it can have a big impact on how they go on to tackle their wardrobe.  The next step in the KonMari process is to sort garments into categories: tops, bottoms,  dresses and skirts.  By touching and looking at each item you should then find it easier to keep or discard. The idea that every item should “spark joy” is not for everyone but the sorting theory does work.

I decided to take expert advice on capsule wardrobes. This may not work for everyone but I found the practical, step by step approach very helpful and would recommend doing some research.   I was lucky to be able to attend a course locally with Nicola Davis.  I am using the checklists to build my capsule wardrobe,  I have been able to use items I had already and now have a clearer idea of key pieces that I need to add and more importantly the pieces I don’t need!  I find too many choices makes decision making much harder and I love knowing that all the items in my wardrobe are worn regularly and that I’m not buying endless items that never see the light of day.  Colourmebeautiful consultants operate nationwide.

I love charity shops and often take clothing to charity shops as well as browsing for items that I want.  My local Wessex Cancer Trust is known as “the boutique at Weeke” as it has such a good selection of quality clothes!  I have been following Caroline Jones of Knickers Model’s Own fame and have just pre-ordered her book  ‘Knickers Model’s Own – a year of frugal fashion’ from www.cruk.org/knickersmodelsown – a simple but wonderful idea to celebrate her Mum’s life.  If you have never shopped in a charity shop this will surely inspire you!

Are you at war with your wardrobe?  Do you think that you could do with some help? Grab a coffee and take a look at my website, why not hop on to my mailing list to find out more about how I work.  Booking a free consultation is a chance to discover whether we can work together and for you to find out more about the process.

Thank you for reading and please do share.